SHAREMAY msure Hand-held Kettle Set,Water Storage for School Office Kitchen

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QTY of Carton 32 Product Specification 17.5*12.8*22.5cm
Color BLUE Method of Packing SHRINK FILM
Material PP,silicone


1 The kettle set is made of environmentally friendly materials and does not contain harmful substances, meeting health and environmental requirements. It has both durability and long lifespan, and can withstand both conventional use and impact resistance.The kettle is made of food grade PP material, which is resistant to cold and heat, and can be used safely.

2 The kettle set is equippedwith a silicone ring at the spout to enhance sealing performance and ensure that the kettle does not leak during transportation or tilting.The lid of the kettle also has a silicone ring, which is inverted to prevent leakage.

3 The kettle set includes different sizes and types of kettles, suitable for different occasions and purposes, such as outdoor sports, travel, office, etc.Buying a kettle set is usually more cost-effective than purchasing multiple kettles separately, as the set can provide a certain discount and added value.

4 The design of the handheld kettle set takes into account ergonomics and provides a comfortable grip. The design of the handle and lid makes the kettle easier to grasp and pour water.

5 The kettle set encourages the use of reusable kettles, reduces the use of disposable plastic bottles, and promotes healthy drinking habits.Emphasize social responsibility, adopt sustainable production methods, and pay attention to environmental protection and social impact.



1. The container is Microwave safe?

Answer: Yes, it's microwave safe. The top and bottom containers are both microwave-safe so you can easily reheat meals for up to 3-5 minutes. Our premium food-grade safe plastic contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, or vinyl.

2.Does it come with untensils?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a spoon and fork that is made out of the same material (recyclable, wheatstraw plastic).

3.Are they easy to clean if you put cooked food with sauces?

Answer:Very easy to clean. It does not stain like a Tupperware-type container, the plastic is safe. We've been using this daily for a month and it's clean as a whistle no matter what we've put in it.

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