SHAREMAY msure Glacier Sports Bottle, Water Storage for School Office Outdoor Travel

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QTY of Carton 60 Product Specification 9.5*9.5*21.8cm
Color BLUE,WHITE Method of Packing SHRINK FILM
Material AS,PP,silicone


1 The sports bottle has an ergonomic design and are equipped with portable handles or lifting rings for easy carrying and use. They often have leak proof designs that can be safely placed in backpacks or sports bags.

2 The sports bottle is made of high-quality plastic material, which has strong durability and can withstand the challenges of daily use and outdoor activities. The high-quality cold drink sports cup is made of food grade materials, free of harmful substances, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the drink and not having a negative impact on human health.

3 The sports bottle has a large capacity, which can accommodate more beverages, meet the needs of users, and reduce the frequency of frequent addition. The design of ice-lolly quickly cools down cold drinks, allowing people to drink drinks with a suitable taste.

4 Although disposable plastic cups are relatively cheap, long-term use of cold drink sports cups can avoid the cost of purchasing plastic cups and save expenses.Using the sports bottle can reduce reliance on disposable plasticcups, be environmentally friendly, and help reduce the generation of plastic waste.

5 The sports bottle provides customers with convenient, long-lasting, and high-quality beverage enjoyment, allowing them to enjoy their favorite cold drinks anytime and anywhere, enhancing the fun of life.



1. The container is Microwave safe?

Answer: Yes, it's microwave safe. The top and bottom containers are both microwave-safe so you can easily reheat meals for up to 3-5 minutes. Our premium food-grade safe plastic contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, or vinyl.

2.Does it come with untensils?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a spoon and fork that is made out of the same material (recyclable, wheatstraw plastic).

3.Are they easy to clean if you put cooked food with sauces?

Answer:Very easy to clean. It does not stain like a Tupperware-type container, the plastic is safe. We've been using this daily for a month and it's clean as a whistle no matter what we've put in it.

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